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Volunteer Coordinator

Key Role


  • Works with the FEEF president, principal and teachers to coordinate volunteer assignments at the school to support student success

  • Collaborates with other FEEF board members, teachers and administrators to assess and identify how parents/guardians and community members can get more involved at school as volunteers

  • Oversee volunteer recruitment, training and assignments

  • Promotes FEEF goals and activities as a FEEF committee chairman or officer


How Tos


  • Outreach – Design and implement an inclusive outreach plan to introduce yourself and provide a general overview of the value of volunteers and what type of volunteer opportunities and options are available for the upcoming school year.

  • Options – Offer a variety of options for volunteers with different amounts of time and commitment involved. Options to sign up for might range from one-time only assignments to monthly, weekly or daily volunteer activities to meet the goals, needs and priorities of FEEF or school in supporting student success.

  • Train – Hold a volunteer orientation at the start of the school year. Provide handouts for the meeting with job descriptions and tips on volunteering. Include information on school policies for volunteers, school and FEEF calendars and contact information for the FEEF board. Invite your FEEF president and principal to the meeting to welcome volunteers and talk about their vital role at your school.

  • Contacts – Oversee the assignment of volunteer jobs and maintain a list or database with the names, contact information, availability and interests of volunteers to contact during the year. Provide sign-in sheets for all FEEF sponsored activities to record volunteer hours.

  • Connect – As a FEEF chairman or officer, keep everyone in the loop by regularly promoting opportunities for volunteers and providing reports at FEEF meetings. Thank volunteers publicly in FEEF communications and at a special recognition event to celebrate the power of volunteer engagement.


Time Estimates:

Previous volunteers who have done this job have reported: 5-6 hours per month

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