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Volunteer hour matching

Companies provide generous grants to nonprofits when employees volunteer. They support this spirit of giving by donating a certain amount of money for every hour that employees volunteer at their nonprofit of choice.


Volunteer Hour Match for hours volunteered at school ranging from $10 to $25 per hour of volunteer effort. For example, if you volunteer for 25 hours, some companies will donate $20 per hour (So, a total of $500) to the organization. The exact hourly rates vary per company.


For example,


  • Apple has no minimum hour requirement; employees are eligible for $25 grants to their nonprofit of choice for every hour they volunteer.

  • Dell has a minimum requirement of 10 hours; employees are eligible for $150 to their nonprofit of choice for every 10 hours they volunteer.


If you have more questions, please go through this double-the-donation-document that explains this in great detail.

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