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Yearbook Lead

The Role

This role is responsible for publishing the Yearbook.


Key Activities

  • Works with the Principal, the Yearbook Teachers and other staff to make sure that the yearbook is appropriate for the school

  • Chooses the company to produce the yearbook and works with the representative of this company to produce the yearbook.

  • Decides how many pages the yearbook will be and the content to be represented on the pages.

  • Decides how many copies of the yearbook will be ordered and how the sales will be handled.

  • Decides ship date and distribution date

  • Recruits and manages the team of photographers (including room parent helpers)

  • Recruits and manages the team of editors and proofreaders

  • Recruits and manages the team of designers

  • Uploads the portraits, from the photographer

  • Coordinates Advertising Efforts (through posters and Faria Falcon announcements)

  • Sets agenda for the Student Committee

  • Makes decisions on yearbook sales (How much the book will be sold for, how it can be purchased, etc.)

  • Organizes distribution (including issues involving the staff's copies and labeling)

  •  Ensures that deadlines will be met

  • Prepares pages for publishing


Time Estimates

Previous volunteers who have done this job have reported:

  • 10-40 hrs once per year

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