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Room Parent Lead

The Role:

  • Works with the FEEF president, principal and teachers to coordinate Room Representatives at the school to organize class parties.

  • To ensure consistency throughout the grades as well as throughout the school.

  • Helps incumbent parent volunteers as Room Representatives for a classroom or grade level.

  • Responsible for providing information about the room parties and Teacher Appreciation Week.

How Tos

  • Collect the name of the Room Representatives from the room teachers and ensure that the Room Representatives are TB tested and Fingerprint cleared.

  • Maintain a list or database with the names and contact information of Room Representatives.

  • Introduce yourself, welcome Room Representatives and provide a general overview of why room parents matter and what it looks like at Faria.

  • Hold a Room Representative orientation at the start of the school year. Provide handouts for the meeting with job descriptions and tips on how to promote inclusion so all families feel welcome and encouraged to get actively involved at school.

  • Collect the party menu from the grade level teacher leads and distribute it to the respective Room Representatives.

  • Send out the reminder before every party and ensure that the Room Representatives adhere to the party guidelines.

  • Make sure that each room has required number of volunteers for the party and the Room Representative has sent out the names to the Faria office secretary at least 5 days before the party.

  • Inform them about Teacher Appreciation Week and encourage the Room Representatives to plan something for their room teacher.

  • Create the form for “Teacher's Favorite Thing”, request all the teachers to fill it, and share it with the Room Representatives.


Time Estimates:

Previous volunteers who have done this job have reported: 2-3 hours per month

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