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Teacher Training, Release days, and Discretionary spend

Faria teachers undergo training to keep up to date on their skills. For example, teachers may take a short course in Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative Coaching Institute. Or train for common core curriculum or the new Language Arts curriculum. When they do it during the school year, the school gets substitute teachers so that there is no loss of education for the kids.


In 2017-2018, we are focused on Multi-Tiered System of Supports with an emphasis on Tier I best-first instruction, Tier II interventions for at-risk students, developing Collaborative Academic Support Teams that focus on school programming and students needing additional scoops of support, and integrating the new ELA curriculum.


FEEF budgets about $13k for 2 release days per year so that teachers can take time to plan, learn, share best practices, observe each other in classrooms, etc. In 2017-2018, teachers have been given release days to plan the new ELA curriculum, administer assessments, and prepare report cards.


FEEF also provides $400 / teacher as classroom discretionary spend. It takes a lot of money to stock a classroom for teaching. Many teachers all over the country spend their own money to provide their students with appropriate instructional materials. Teachers can use the money for any educational materials they feel necessary, and is typically used in books, classroom supplies like markers, etc.

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