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School Staffing Support

We support (Total cost about $80k)

Other schools like Murdock-Portal support as many as 9 instructional assistants. Montclaire uses most of its $500k budget to support 9 positions: 2 full time teachers on special assignments, 6 instructional assistants (one per grade level), 1 library media clerk, and arts/music program throughout school.


Aides are so important to the school because they are the staff’s assistants. They help the teachers with administrative tasks so that the teachers can focus on teaching the students.


Instructional Assistant I/II - General Education



The Principal will evaluate the work of the Instructional Assistant under the direction of an assigned teacher. An assigned teacher will direct the tasks and duties of the Instructional Assistant, consistent with the program guidelines and the job description for the Instructional Assistant I/II – General Education.



  1. Assists the teacher(s) in the preparation of lessons and other classroom activities.

  2. Assists the teacher(s) in maintaining order among children in classroom and school related activities.

  3. Prepares for and assists the teacher(s) with the clean up of various classroom projects.

  4. Assists the teacher(s) in the preparation of graphic and written teaching materials.

  5. Assists the teacher(s) by providing assistance to children individually or in small groups in activities and learning centers to reinforce current assigned curriculum.

  6. Assists the teacher(s) with clerical tasks.

  7. Assists the teacher(s) in physical education program, and playground activities relating to classroom activities.

  8. Assists the teacher(s) in supervising children on educational field trips within the work day.

  9. Participates in staff meetings and in-service training programs where appropriate.

  10. Participates in disaster drills and understands assignment requirements.

  11. Performs directly job related duties as assigned.


School Site Instructional Technology Specialist:



Under general supervision of the School Principal and with direction from the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction/Designee, performs a variety of duties related to technology support of a school site.



  1. Assists students, staff, and community volunteers in selecting and using the technology resources of the school site.

  2. Assists with technology projects including Internet, software tools, student assessment, and school server access in coordination and collaboration with staff.

  3. Coordinates technology-related schedules and volunteers.

  4. Assists in purchase (i.e., communication with vendors and staff) and set-up of instructional technology and software for the school.

  5. Submits and follows-up on work orders to repair computers and other technology equipment.

  6. Responsible for managing the school server, including server-hosted applications.

  7. Develops and implements backup solutions, which may include other media beyond school server.

  8. Sets up, maintains and troubleshoots school-wide local area network, computers, audio-visual and all other technology equipment onsite.

  9. Provides first-line technical support. Diagnoses and resolves technology issues.

  10. Assists in identifying resources for instructional technology related professional development.

  11. Assists with maintaining order among students who are using technology equipment.

  12. Attends related in-service meetings and keeps current with site technology implementation.

  13. Performs clerical tasks related to correspondence and record keeping (such as inventory).

  14. Performs other directly related job duties as assigned.


School Library Media Clerk




Under the general supervision of the School Principal and with the direction from the Associate Superintendent of Instructional Services, performs a variety of duties related to the School Library Media Center.



  1. Assists students and staff in selecting and in using the resources of the Library Media Center including but not limited to locating and checking out books and reference information.

  2. Review and catalog materials new to the library.

  3. Assists in training students in library skills including use of the automated card catalog, the Internet and reference materials.

  4. Assists staff and students in use of equipment in Library Media Center.

  5. Maintains library management system.

  6. Coordinates Library Media Center schedules and volunteers.

  7. Encourages students in the use of library resources by reading to students and arranging bulletin boards, exhibits and library centers.

  8. Performs library tasks including sorting and shelving of books, repairs of damaged books; maintaining card catalogs, issuing overdue notices; performing inventory, ordering, receiving, processing and storage of new books and library materials.

  9. Assists with maintaining order among students using the Library Media Center.

  10. Attends related in-service meetings.

  11. Performs clerical tasks related to correspondence and record keeping.

  12. Performs other directly related job duties as assigned.

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