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Project Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone 

At Faria A+ Elementary School our staff and parent community work together to guide our students in developing the values and character essential to becoming caring and responsible adults. Project Cornerstone, a YMCA Initiative, is a Santa Clara County-wide movement based on survey research involving over two million children across the United States. This research, conducted by Search Institute, identified 40 developmental assets that help children thrive.  The study found a direct correlation between high numbers of perceived assets and less 'at risk' behavior among children in grades 5-12. The more assets children perceive within their communities the less likely they are to be truant, do drugs, and attempt suicide. None of these assets cost anything to provide and there are no socio-economic, racial, or geographic groups that are less able to provide these assets to their youth. Visit the YMCA of Silicon Valley Project Cornerstone website to learn more about the program.


This is a character building program that aims to increase our children’s developmental assets so that they can feel empowered, valued, respected, and safe. Every month, our teachers read a book in each of our classes, discuss the concepts, and engage the students in an activity or project.


In addition to the ABC Reader Program at Faria, each month a character trait is highlighted through inspirational messages in our morning announcements and class discussions.  Students who show these character traits at school through good deeds, may be recognized by our staff and peers.  The monthly character traits are aligned with the assets discussed in the ABC Reader books. More details on the Faria website.


From a Faria execution perspective, it comprises of 5 parts and is a basic bucket filler / upstander philosophy.


  • Modified ABC Reader Program

  • Volunteers needed to assist with Project Cornerstone Fun Friday lunch activities

  • School Climate Monitors (elected Student Council positions)

  • Project Cornerstone Patrol

  • Character Traits Recognition


Some examples of Fun Friday activities are:

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