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Faria Walkathon 2024

Walkathon T-Shirts

Get Your Name on Faria Walkathon Exclusive T-Shirt!


Want to leave your mark on campus? Now's your chance!

For just $100 donation, you can purchase our limited edition student t-shirt with  Your Child's Name proudly printed on it!

🌟 Stand out from the crowd 🌟 Show your school spirit 🌟 Leave a lasting legacy

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of something special. Gather your friends and classmates to make sure your names shine together!

Hurry, spaces are limited! Secure your spot today and be part of the ultimate student tribute!

Donate @ Faria Walkstarter Page now to reserve your place on the shirt!

Not planning for $100 donation, just want to buy t-shirt to show the school spirit? No problem, we've got you coveredFaria Walkaround 2024 T-shirts go on sale starting March 3rd, 2024 . Just order the T-shirt for your child and all of your family @ Shop before March 22nd 2024.

Want to know about the t-shirt sizing?

Please check out the sample t-shirts displayed at the school office from Feb 29th, 2024.


Any student who donates $100 by Mar 20, 2024 through their Faria Walkstarter Page would have their name printed on the back of the T-shirt.

Sample of school's T-shirt

T-shirt Price $20
Walkathon t-shirt2024_edited.png

Sizes available

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