FEEF total budget for 2018-2019 is about $250K. Divided among 696 kids, that comes to about $360 per child if there is 100% participation.


FEEF asks for $350/child and has a low participation rate of 65%, so we get about $160K from direct donation. The remaining 90K has to come from corporate donation matching, corporate volunteer hour matching and walkaround.


Here is how it gets spent:

Education:       School staffing support, technology, teacher training and curriculum materials

Enrichment:     Assemblies, Clubs, Arts, Sports, Science, Ethics

Engagement:    aka Hospitality. Community socials. 

Miscellaneous: FEEF administrative expenses like insurance, taxes, website, photocopying; 

                         Fundraising expenses like CC/paypal fees, Jersey promotion cost, etc. Also, includes 

                         some ad-hoc infrastructure expenses like projector bulbs, printers, sheds, etc.

Note: All parent volunteers and parent board members are unpaid. 100% of the funds raised by FEEF goes towards the benefit of the kids and school.

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