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Here are general guidelines for a board member. This is either for a new position or to fill an existing vacancy.


  • FEEF has identified a need/position that requires a dedicated FEEF director.

  • The potential member should have been actively volunteering at school for 6 months or more.

  • Has demonstrated ability to lead volunteer based activities and work well with other volunteers. Must have volunteered on at least one FEEF event.

  • FEEF board recommends potential candidates attend at least 3 board meetings to better understand how the board operates.


Ideally, we would like potential board members to shadow existing board members for at least a year before assuming the role. This ensures a smooth transition for everyone. If you are interested in serving on the board, please send us an email at We will work with you to figure out the best match that effectively utilizes your passions and expertise.


Please include a small write up:

  • Something about you (education, job, etc), the grades your kids are studying in

  • The year your child joined Faria and when you expect to graduate

  • Prior volunteering experience (Inside and Outside Faria)

According to our bylaws, (Officers are president, secretary and treasurer, all others are directors)

Section 3: TERMS; ELECTION OF SUCCESSORS – Directors shall be elected at each annual meeting of

the Board for 2 year terms. Each Director, including a Director elected to fill a vacancy, shall hold office until the

expiration of the term for which he or she was elected and until the election and qualification of a successor, or

until that Director’s earlier resignation or removal in accordance with these Bylaws and California Nonprofit

Corporation Law. By resolution, the Board may arrange for terms to be staggered.

Section 2: ELECTION OF OFFICERS – The Officers, except those appointed in accordance with Section

9.6.6, shall be elected by the Board at the annual meeting of the Corporation for a term of one year, and each

shall serve at the discretion of the Board until his or her successor shall be elected, or his or her earlier

resignation or removal. Officers may be elected for 2 consecutive terms.

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