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Faria Walkathon 2024

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At GR EDU Learning Center, we proudly serve 400+ students and their families. Our high-quality programs cover Chinese, English, math, art, Pingpong, Public Speaking and debate, chess and more. Our holistic approach nurtures young minds from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

Visit our Cupertino center at 10105 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014 for an educational journey fostering creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning, check more details on our website:

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Join the Bay Area’s favorite camp since ’89! Thrive in diverse programs from sports toS.T.E.A.M., experience high-energy theme days, level up with incredible coaches, and forge newfriendships. Enjoy flexible scheduling (1/2 Day & Full) as well as extended care.  We put the fun in fundamentals ->!

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At Lumine Academy, an art studio nestled in Cupertino, we wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of art. Our mission is to illuminate young minds and shape their futures through creative expression. In our nurturing and inspiring environment, children aged 3.5 to 13 can explore their creativity, cultivate their artistic talents, and develop a lifelong passion for the arts. Get more info through our website:

At CodeREV Kids, campers will create their own unique apps, video games, websites, mods for Minecraft, and even build and program robots at our unique summer camps. Whatever they can dream, we teach campers to make. We even teach math using Minecraft with our groundbreaking class, MathCraft! We also have fun outdoor camp games and plenty of off-tech activities every day. Camps are signed up for by the week.

Faria A+ Elementary School will be hosting our annual Walkathon fundraising event, and we invite you to join the entire student body, Faria families and staff. Students walk laps around the school and join parents, families and colleagues to raise money for enrichment materials that directly support the students and further our academic philosophy. Over 630 students, and their families, participate in this event.

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Please note: If you wish to sponsor any other level that is suitable for your business, please let us know and we can provide benefits information for that level.

For more information or to confirm sponsorship, please email

Please respond by March 15, 2024 to ensure that we are able to follow up with you, and are able to deliver the sponsorship benefits.

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