Praveen Jaini’s conversation with a Faria Parent.


Praveen: "Did you nominate anyone for HSA ?"

Parent: "oh..I don't know the deadline & I don't know how to nominate".

Praveen: "Info is in Falcon and was also sent out on faria connect. anyone you want to nominate ?"

Parent: "Yes..the traffic volunteer(s) are doing great service. But I don't know their names.."

Praveen: "You can always say hello and ask names. Anyone else ?"

Parent: "I think the STEM Club is great. My kid really enjoyed it..But I am not sure if my nomination matters or if others agree"



We don’t have HSA anymore. But you can send an email to

describing your thoughts and feelings about a volunteer or a set of volunteers. We will ensure they get the recognition they deserve.


You may have many excuses not to recognize someone but you only need one reason. The volunteers are taking time out out of their personal life to make the school experience better for Faria kids & Faria community. They could be traffic volunteers (helping your kids even in rain), room parent, yearbook team members and those who help in afternoon activities or in copy room or library. Math Club, Jogging Club, WalkAround, Spelling/Geo Bee, Movie - none of these would exist without their commitment. They could be a teacher who goes above and beyond to help your kids or school staff that provide excellent service.


If you don't know who is helping your kids, stop by and ask their name (I promise that they will not bite you.....most of them anyways ;). Your gratitude will give them a boost.


Do it today because you will forget it by tomorrow ;-)

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